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TSE-behandling av två hundar på veterinärsjukhuset FloridaWild visar på lovande resultat

Scandinavian ChemoTech AB:s (publ) dotterbolag Vetiqure har meddelats att två hundar har tillfrisknat efter att ha behandlats med dess tumörspecifika elektroporationsbehandling (TSE) på veterinärsjukhuset FloridaWild.

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Scandinavian ChemoTech välkomnar ny kraft till ledningen

Som ett led i att öka produktionstakten och samtidigt förbättra kommunikationen genomför Scandinavian ChemoTech förändringar i ledningen.

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TSE treatment of two dogs at FloridaWild veterinary hospital shows promising results

Scandinavian ChemoTech AB's (publ) subsidiary Vetiqure AB has been notified that two dogs have recovered after being treated with its Tumour Specific Electroporation (TSE) treatment at the FloridaWild veterinary hospital.

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Scandinavian ChemoTech welcomes new energy to its management

As part of increasing the production rate and at the same time improving communication, Scandinavian ChemoTech is implementing changes in management.

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Reportage in the magazine Ridsport regarding our
TSE technology

Link to - Reportage in the magazine Ridsport

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Our foundation

Our profound knowledge in electroporation forms the starting point for the company’s existing product vetIQure™, specially desinged for TSE – Tumour Specific Electroporation – treating a range of different types of tumours in pets.

Our research focus

vetIQure™ is a new innovation in cancer care based on the patented technology Tumour Specific Electroporation (TSE) designed for safe and easy cancer treatment of animals. Our aim is to document the effects of elctrochemotherapy within an area with significant unmet medical need.