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Scandinavian ChemoTechs Animal Care-division får order från Australien och USA

Scandinavian ChemoTechs helägda dotterbolag Vetiqure AB har erhållit order på vetIQure-TSE system från sin distributör i Australien. Detta efter att en studie med vetIQure fått ett etikgodkännande. Samtidigt har Vetiqure skrivit utvärderingsavtal med två klinker i USA. Totala ordervärdet för de båda affärerna uppgår till minst 17 000 euro.

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TSE-behandlingar vid Royal Veterinary College visar mycket lovande resultat

Scandinavian ChemoTechs helägda dotterbolag Vetiqure får mycket lovande uppdateringar från veterinärerna på Royal Veterinary College (RVC) som nu kommer att behandla fler patienter med ChemoTechs tumörspecifika elektroporationsteknik (TSE).

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Scandinavian ChemoTech's Animal Care division receives orders from Australia and the US

Scandinavian ChemoTech's wholly owned subsidiary Vetiqure AB has received an order for vetIQure-TSE system from its distributor in Australia. This after a study with vetIQure received ethics approval. Vetiqure has also signed evaluation agreements with two clinics in the US. The total order value for both deals amounts to at least 17,000 euros.

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TSE treatments at the Royal Veterinary College shows very promising results

Scandinavian ChemoTech’s fully owned subsidiary Vetiqure receives very promising updates from the veterinarians at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), who will now continue to treat more patients.

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Reportage in the magazine Ridsport regarding our
TSE technology

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Our foundation

Our profound knowledge in electroporation forms the starting point for the company’s existing product vetIQure™, specially desinged for TSE – Tumour Specific Electroporation – treating a range of different types of tumours in pets.

Our research focus

vetIQure™ is a new innovation in cancer care based on the patented technology Tumour Specific Electroporation (TSE) designed for safe and easy cancer treatment of animals. Our aim is to document the effects of elctrochemotherapy within an area with significant unmet medical need.